Rock Your Garden!

When you want to enjoy your outdoor experience and the view from your window but you are low on budget and don’t have a lot of time to take care of your yard, a rock garden might be the solution for you. It is one of the easiest and cheapest improvements for your property that a landscaper can offer you. Such gardens can have either very few or many flowers, it depends on you and your resources, but the results will always be impressive. The rocks are the main thing in a rock garden and usually require very little maintenance to look perfect. Rock gardens are ideal in places where it might be too hard for you to mow or where it is shady most of the time.

 A professional will remove all the unwanted roots and plants from the area, to ensure that nothing will invade your rock garden and affect its appearance. They will add some soil enhancers depending on your type of soil and the plants you want to have around your rocks. Experts know that the main rocks shouldn’t form a pattern but rather be randomly placed and an odd number. Smaller rocks that have different coloring, as well as a variety of plants, will contribute to the natural look of the design.

 An expert landscaper shouldn’t make the mistake of starting from the top when the ground is sloped, because gravity might be against the rock garden construction. Starting from the bottom with the biggest rock with its widest side facing the ground will guarantee stability. Flat grounds give freedom to play with the design and create something unique. Whatever you want done, you should make sure that the contractors you decide to work with will deliver quality and long-lasting results.

If you are in Suwanee, GA and looking for a landscaper to make a beautiful cheaper garden that requires little upkeep, call Evergreen Landscaping Inc at (770) 458-5296! We are ready to consider all your ideas and create something that will make you happier every time you look at your yard!

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