Boost Your Landscape for the Summer

Here we have made a simple checklist for what is good to be made for your lawn to be green and lush all year long. A healthy lawn makes the owners of it proud of having a beautiful and green yard.

– 1 – Aeration

The foot traffic or lawn machinery can smash the ground and make it harder to provide water, nutrients and air to move to the root zone. You can use a professional machinery for this purpose, but you could simply take these shoes and do the aeration by yourself to prevent future compaction by minimizing the traffic via creating permanent walkways.
– 2 – Reducing thatch

This is a layer of grass which is dead and prevents the live grass roots to extract the water and nutrients from the soil. This layer can become at about half inch thick. Grass roots start to grow along the soil surface rather than down into the soil. These roots become intertwined and form a dense mat. If this layer is not removed on time, it becomes a prosperous place for pests. If you see any dead patches, this is a signal that you probably have thatch problems. This could also be noticed if you are feeling spongy when you walk through the lawn.

Early fall is the perfect time for dethatching. When it is reduced, you could prevent future buildups by reducing the application of the fertilizer and shrink from frequent irrigation.
– 3 – Fertilization

When you fertilize the turf, you encourage the plant to grow healthy and the grass roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. This stimulates the biological activity of the plant.
– 4 – Mowing

It is good when you can mow your lawn not shorter that two inches. If you want to have a healthy root system which can resist on the drought and the heat, you better keep you turf at least three inches tall. For more resistance and more green lawn, you can even get high blades and keep the lawn no less that 3″.

No matter what you are going to choose, you can always hire a professional to do this for you. Evergreen Landscaping Inc is top notch lawn maintenance service provider in Suwanee, GA that has gained a great reputation around the residents in the city. Feel free to reach Evergreen Landscaping Inc at (770) 458-5296.

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