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Privacy Landscaping? Why not!

Privacy landscaping is a popular trend among property owners, who desire to make their yards, as well as gardens, a peaceful and quiet retreat from the rest of the world. It can include fences and walls, but more than ever, individuals are looking for a softer, greener and more appealing alternative. Landscape and lawn service providers recommend using plants to protect your private space from nosey neighbors and the busy street.

Privacy landscaping ranges from hedges and trees to trellises and berms. A landscaping contractor or designer can work with you to create a plan to shield your porches, patios, as well as gardens, from the outside world. It is always a wise idea to consult an expert landscaper, or the professionals at your local garden supply store or nursery, when choosing plants to use for privacy landscaping. Thus, you will be able to ensure vibrant growth, as well as the best results.

Types of Privacy Landscaping

Trellises make wonderful living screens to shield a hot tub or patio.They are made from plastic, metal, or wood, and are generally staked into the ground. Trellises offer the perfect space for climbing vines. String netting is often used by homeowners for the vines to attach themselves to. Some popular vines include Dutchman’s pipe, clematis, morning glory, and honeysuckle. Trellises can also be attached to existing walls or fences, in order to soften their appearance.

Hedges can be planted to section off a portion of your yard. They can also be used to define a border. Hedges are often planted in front of fences to add an appealing, green, textured touch.Holly, ligustrum, red-tipped photinia, sweet olive, and boxwood,are good choices. Some homeowners love the exotic feel and look of bamboo, although it can sometimes spread abundantly and become an annoyance.

Trees can also make effective and beautiful privacy landscaping. There are so many types available, that people have an extensive range of choices, depending on the shape and height they desire. A few popular choices include Japanese maples, flowering dogwoods, and magnolias.

Berms.Berms topped with trees and plants or grass-covered berms will give the feel of a hillside, while also allowing great privacy. However, it is best to involve a landscape company to help decide where the berm should be located. A landscape and lawn maintenance specialist can provide you with invaluable information, when it comes to privacy landscaping. The experts at Evergreen Landscaping Inc, of Suwanee, GA, will be more than happy to assist you with all your landscaping needs.

Whether it is a berm, row of trees, or trellis, privacy landscaping enhances any property, by providing homeowners and guests with comfort, peace, and safety.

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